Valve Nearly Doubles Number Of HTC Vive VR Launch Titles

So here’s the deal with all the launch titles for the HTC Vive VR HMD: There have been many titles floating around for SteamVR, but we had a list of a few dozen that were to launch today along with the Vive (check out our full review of the Vive here). We put together this handy picture story of the lot, but just after it went live, Valve reached out and let us know that it was adding a number of additional launch titles. Surprise!

There are now 129 HTC Vive-specific VR titles available or “coming soon” on Steam. (Many of us were concerned about the lack of content on these VR HMDs ahead of launch. Not anymore.) You can find them all here, or by visiting the Steam store, clicking Games, selecting VR, and singling out the “HTC Vive” tag.

In addition to the games we wrote about, the new titles include:

WindlandsDescent: UndergroundAdventure Time: Magic Man’s Head GamesFelt Tip CircusIkea VR ExperienceMind: Path to Thalmus Enhanced EditionBowslingerJeebomanBabel: Tower To The GodsQuar: Battle For Gate 18HolopointNighttime Terror VR: Dessert DefenderBLARP!Spells ‘n’ StuffA-10 VRAbbott’s Book DemoRealitiesSpace Bit AttackAtlas Reactor VR Character ViewerMinigame Party VRThe FOO Show Featuring Will SmithCloudlands: VR Minigolf DemoWhirligigBudget Cuts Demo

More titles for the Vive are coming hard and fast. To learn more, hit up the SteamVR page. Note that Job Simulator, Tilt Brush and Fantastic Contraption are all included when you buy a Vive.

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  • burtzum
    Ikea VR Experience! Fuck yeah!
  • jeremy2020
    Ikea VR Experience! Fuck yeah!

    All the horror of being dragged to Ikea right in your own home. Take that outlast!
  • Chris Droste
    as soon as i saw "Descent" i got a little motionsick for nostalgia sake and smiled at how awesome that would be in VR with current graphics
  • wifiburger
    Descent in VR or the Original Wolfenstein which one do you think will make you puke your food ?
  • quilciri
    Ikea VR Experience

    We believe our target market for assemble-yourself furniture aligns with that of VR early kids and divorced men.
  • Squishygiblet
    All about Waterbears. That game is far too much fun.
  • harmaatukka
    IKEA VR Experience only needs mod support and it will be the most successful VR title of 2016.