VIDEO: We Love Our New Skulltrail

San Francisco (CA) - Sure there are several Skulltrail articles floating around the web, but most have been broad reviews with a smattering of benchmarks and gaming scores. Here at TG Daily we really don't play many games (although Humphrey Cheung was addicted to World of Warcraft for 2 ½ years), but we do render a lot of video. So just how good is an eight-core monster platform for video editing and rendering? Well Intel gave us a Skulltrail system to find out.

GDC 08 H.264 video - Theo loves the Skulltrail

Intel loaned us the Skulltrail motherboard and two upcoming Core 2 Extreme processors, so we still have to procure the rest of the computer like a decent power supply, case, hard drives and graphics cards. We'll have this baby up and running in a week and will start cranking Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere rendering jobs through the system. We might throw a synthetic benchmark in just for kicks, but the emphasis will be "how will eight cores benefit the average video editor?"

Our Theo Valich couldn't contain himself and started caressing the board on the convention floor. The board also sat as an honored guest for our post-GDC Denny's dinner. Hopefully we can get the board through San Francisco's airport security.