VR Cover Aftermarket Vive Foam Cushions Make Sweaty VR Less Gross

VR Cover revealed direct replacement foam face cushions for the HTC Vive.

VR Cover is a small company that makes fabric covers for VR HMDs. The company started by selling washable fabric covers for the Oculus Rift DK2 and the Gear VR Innovator Edition more than a year ago. Once the Rift and Vive hit the market, VR Cover started selling covers for those devices, too. (The people behind VR Cover are the same folks that run VR Lens Lab.)

Most of the covers are cotton, but you can also opt for a waterproof cover made of leather for the Vive, which is better suited for active use because it doesn’t soak up your sweat. The stock foam padding tends to get soggy after playing some of the more physically demanding games. The covers work, but they aren’t the most elegant solution. Evidently, the company felt that it could do better, too.

VR Cover’s aftermarket cushions are thinner than the stock cushions, so your eyes will sit closer to the lenses. VR cover said that its cushions are “a bit less comfortable compared to the original” padding, but that the result is a slightly larger field of view. If the tradeoff doesn’t appeal to you, there will be a thicker version released within the next few weeks. The new cushions are made of polyurethane leather, which makes them easy to clean. Unlike the stock foam, PU leather is safe to clean with antibacterial wipes.

The VR Cover HTC Vive foam replacement cushions are available in packs of two for $29.00. VR Cover ships its product in batch shipments. The first batch of replacement foam cushions will ship on June 29.

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