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'VR Funhouse' Getting Touch Support, Two More Levels

Oculus Touch isn’t out yet, but Nvidia is ready for the launch. The graphics company revealed that Touch support is coming to its free VR game, VR Funhouse, which will open it up to a new wave of gamers. Nvidia said that gamers downloaded VR Funhouse more than 100,000 since its release and the company is excited for more people to try the game.

The upcoming update to VR Funhouse includes two new games to play, which brings the total to nine. You can try your luck at shooting hoops in HotShot Basketball, or see how many rubber octopi you can stick against the wall in Wall Walker Toss.

VR Funhouse is a Steam VR game, and Steam VR supports Oculus Rift and Touch already, so you may be asking why the game needs official Touch support. The truth is, it probably doesn’t require official Nvidia support, but there’s good reason for the company to include proper support. VR Funhouse is primarily a tech demo to showcase Nvidia’s VR Works technologies and provide developers with a blueprint to add Nvidia’s features into their own game.

By adding official Touch support to the VR Funhouse Modkit, Rift developers can easily implement Nvidia’s VRworks technologies, such as PhysX-calculated haptic feedback and sound reproduction. The modkit provides developers with the assets, blueprints, and artwork from VR Funhouse, which they can use in their own projects. Vive developers have had access to these tools since the beginning of September. Oculus developers will soon enjoy the same resources.

Oculus hasn’t yet revealed the Touch launch date, so we’re not sure when the VR Funhouse update is coming, but we get the impression that VR Funhouse will be ready for Touch launch day.

Kevin Carbotte is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He writes news and reviews of graphics cards and virtual reality hardware.