WD Pricing Error Lists Hard Drives Starting at $1

Western Digital Hard Drives
Western Digital Hard Drives (Image credit: Shutterstock)

An exciting pricing error has happened. Western Digital has evidently slashed the pricing for the company's Gold, Red Pro, Red Plus, Purple, Purple Pro, and Blue product lineups. However, the new pricing looks skeptically low, so it's likely a pricing error.

Western Digital's online store shows the WD Gold enterprise hard drives starting at $3 (down from $117.99) or the Purple surveillance hard drives at $1 (down from $83.99). Even the Red Pro and Red Plus, which target NAS users, carry starting prices at $10 and $27, respectively, when they typically go for $209.99 and $109.99.

The manufacturer has large capacity drives, including the Gold 20TB at $150 (down from $679.99) and Red Pro 20TB at $75 (down from $599.99). But unfortunately, neither hard drive is stock. Moreover, none of the discounted units are available for purchase, suggesting that it could be a pricing error. Western Digital offers the option to notify the consumer when the hard drives are back in stock, but they probably won't retain the low pricing.

(Image credit: Western Digital)

It appears that only Western Digital's SATA-based hard drives show these low prices. The pricing for the brand's SSDs, portable hard drives, and Ultrastar hard drives remain the same.

The lower prices are only on Western Digital's U.S. store, as the other regional stores show regular pricing. Unfortunately, we haven't seen any reports of a successful purchase. At any rate, we'll keep our eyes peeled to see whether Western Digital restocks the low-priced drives and if they fix the pricing.

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  • punkncat
    I get "notify me when in stock" on all the ridiculously low priced models. I would call this a 'tract'.
  • USAFRet
    punkncat said:
    I get "notify me when in stock" on all the ridiculously low priced models. I would call this a 'tract'.
  • Alvar "Miles" Udell
    Otherwise known as "How to generate free publicity".
    Alvar Miles Udell said:
    Otherwise known as "How to generate free publicity".

    Sure free publicity but also an influx of web traffic and server load and probably helpdesk tickets on pricing, etc..
  • mdd1963

    (Finally, I can afford to spec out my TrueNAS Scale rig with 4 each, RAIDZ2 Vdevs of 6 drives each!
  • Ferengi94
    "unfortunately we haven’t seen any reports of a successful purchase "

    Did you mean successful delivery? cause tons of us got successful purchases lol
  • Sippincider
    In 20 years, a mere 3TB of storage probably will be $1.
  • tiggers97
    This remidnds me of the "good ole days", back when everyone was still trying to figure out how to transition from brick-n-mortar to online retailing. Best buy, circuit city, frys, compusa, newegg, officemax, officedepot, staples(and I'm sure a half dozen more I am missing) Even Sears and Wards. All competing on who could offer the best drive deals. And plenty of price mistakes being an almost regular occurrence on fatwallet and slickdeals.