WD Announces New Additions to My Book HDD Line

Western Digital has announced a handful of new drives for its My Book line of external storage solutions. The drives utilize USB 3.0 and are available in 2 TB, 3 TB and 4 TB capacities. They also come with WD SmartWare Pro automatic back-up software with Dropbox integration, which offers cloud backup capabilities, and WD Edition of Acronis True Image, which allows users to execute a full system backup.

"The new generation of My Book external hard drives provides greater speed, flexibility, content safety, and system security for our customers," said Scott Steffens, general manager of WD's consumer storage products group. "Consumers are creating, downloading, and storing more digital content than ever before and our line of desktop drives are equipped with capacities and security measures to keep it all backed-up and protected against system disaster, damage or theft."

The new My Book drives are already available via WD's website, and pricing for these drives ranges from $129.99 for the 2 TB, to $149.99 for the 3 TB and $179.99 for the 4 TB. It's worth noting that Mac users won't be able to get the 4 TB version.

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  • Shaun o
    Thanks for the heads up.
    Shame they have a high fail rate.
  • Pherule
    WD drives do not have a high fail rate. Got myself a WD 3TB mybook, USB3 and it is quite awesome (aside from the noise and lengthy spinup time) but transfer rate is around 150MB/s (yes that's megabytes, not megabits) which is very acceptable for a spin drive.
  • JPNpower
    Lets hope that they fixed the breaking USB 3 fiasco. Look it up. It gives the WD far higher fail rate than other external drives.