Community Questions: What Do You Expect for Computex 2019

It’s time for Computex, everyone’s favorite international computing trade show. Each year the Tom’s Hardware team heads east to Taipei, Taiwan  to see first-hand what the industry has in store for the future. We’re gearing up for an exciting Computex this year, and already expect a titanic showing from MSI, as well as something super from Nvidia. Of course rumors abound as to what AMD plans to reveal at Computex 2019. Whatever Team Red has in store for us, an early keynote leaves no doubt that AMD’s announcement will impress its loyal fans and offer Intel continued competition.

Computex is a harbinger of future tech and an opportunity for reporters to gauge the direction of the industry as a whole. This is the time for all of the big chip and motherboard makers to shine. With both DDR5 as well as PCIe 5.0 on the horizon, and Intel’s 10th generation Core processors rapidly approaching, this Computex is sure to be a crowd pleaser for those who follow cutting-edge hardware. While last year’s show was quieter than usual, there was a lot to love, especially for fans of the innovative and unconventional.

As for me, I expect to see more screens in more places, beeffier laptops, compact cases galore, and the requisite overload of RGBs. All signs point to some sort of Ryzen announcement. Can we expect the same from Intel? Who knows, maybe we’ll be lucky enough to see more foldable laptops. And let’s not forget, Computex isn’t all about the chips. ESports monitors, BFGDs, and other gaming-centric displays will also likely make waves in the rumor mill. Will the manufacturers deliver?

What do you expect from this year's Computex? A Qi charging mouse pad? New USB-C connectivity? Big news from Nvidia, AMD, and Intel? Let us know what your big predictions are in the forums.