Report: Windows 10 Update Leads to Boot Issues, Lower Frame Rates

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The latest optional Windows 10 update might be worse than we thought. Windows Latest reported yesterday that the KB4535996 update released on February 27 has caused slow boot times, lower frame rates and other problems for its users.

We already knew the KB4535996 update was responsible for random freezes, audio stuttering and other problems. But now it seems Windows 10 users have complained of additional issues on various social platforms over the last few days.

Windows Latest reported that the update "can progressively increase boot times or boot failures" for certain systems. These issues haven't affected all users, however. 

KB4535996 was also said to have caused issues with Sign Tool, a command line utility that's used to digitally sign files, that can lead it to crash with error message 1073741502. Some users have also complained of lower than usual frame rates.

Microsoft still hasn't acknowledged any problems with the KB4535996 update, however, and its support article still claims that "Microsoft is not currently aware of any issues with this update." Perhaps it should try installing the update itself.

What to Do

Removing the update from affected systems appears to resolve all of these problems. 

Anyone who hasn't already installed the update--which has to be done manually via Settings--may want to refrain from doing so until things get cleared up. 

Nathaniel Mott
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