Microsoft Brings Game Preview Program To Windows 10

In January, GOG took on Steam’s Early Access program with its Games In Development section. Microsoft is also trying to get a slice of the preview pie with the Windows 10 Preview program, which was announced at this year’s Gamescom.

Obviously, Microsoft took a page out of its Xbox Game Preview program on the console front and brought it to the PC. As always, players can purchase specific games in development and help its creators by trying out new mechanics or discovering bugs throughout the process.

With its Games In Development program, GOG allowed users to roll back to a previous update if the current version of a game wasn’t stable. In addition, the company offered a 14-day windows for refunds if the player didn’t like the game after a few sessions. There’s no word on whether or not Microsoft will adopt a similar strategy.

The first game on Windows 10 Preview is Everspace, a space-based shooter from Hamburg, Germany-based Rockfish Games, and it arrives later this year. It’s a safe bet that other studios will follow suit and enter the program in order to see how their games fare in their early stages.

  • wifiburger
    lol how's that even possible, the final version of their own games are full of bugs with no patches in sight, lmao
  • virtualban
    Found a bug. The message on the display says 'Windows 10'. I think it is a really big bug.