Windows 11 Store Won't Handle Updates for Win32 Apps

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Microsoft announced in June that developers would soon be able to update software distributed by the new Windows 11 Microsoft Store via in-app updates instead of relying on the platform's update process. This was presented as an option afforded by the new store, but Windows Latest today reported that for some apps, it's really a necessity.

"Updates to Apps are not required to be submitted through the Store," Microsoft said in the official documentation for the updated platform. "End users will not be able to receive updates from the Store. Apps can be updated directly by You via your App that is installed on a Windows Device after download from the Store."

The company said direct updates to apps originally downloaded from the Microsoft Store would still be "subject to all of the requirements of this agreement, including the Microsoft Store Policies" on its website, however. So it seems like Win32 app developers will have a strange mix of responsibilities and restrictions for updates.

Windows users will also have to figure out if a given app will be updated via the Microsoft Store or if it will rely on a separate installation tool. Microsoft Store Principal Architect Rudy Hyun told a Twitter user that Microsoft tries to make it clear which update mechanism will be used for a given app right in its Store listing:

Microsoft wanted to offer developers more freedom by supporting a variety of frameworks, payment solutions, and update mechanisms, but in doing so, it also made the Microsoft Store more complicated than something like the App Store. Microsoft's solution is less restrictive; Apple's is easier for most people to grok.

There's still time for Microsoft to clarify some of the more byzantine aspects of the new Microsoft Store, however, which is expected to debut alongside Windows 11 sometime between this October and early 2022 depending on how you're counting. Microsoft said the updated store will also make its way to Windows 10.

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  • Colif
    Admin said:
    Microsoft's policies indicated that Win32 apps distributed via the Microsoft Store will have to offer in-app ups.

    Windows 11 Store Won't Handle Ups for Win32 Apps : Read more

    Why can't the title and topic spell out what an Up is without us needing to click to see it says Updates???
  • Aaron44126
    This is gross, my interest in seeing Win32 apps in the store just went way down.
  • Colif
    I use the store once every few months, my interest in the store can't really get any lower now. I expect if the updates had appeared there they would have just been loaded in background like store updates do now and you would only know if you look in reliability history to see. So right now, its no different to 10 so I don't see a problem really. No where have they said you can't just install apps from elsewhere so no big deal.
  • hotaru.hino
    I feel like mixing Win32 apps to begin with in the store was just asking for a headache.
  • Alvar "Miles" Udell
    This is a disappointment because of all the Win32 applications which still don't have the ability to update themselves, but the Microsoft Store is so full of garbage, like all the app stores, that it's far better to go directly to the publisher's website and download the setup files directly, unless Microsoft is going to actually start policing it and certifying publishers and their apps as genuine.
  • coromonadalix
    Each time i tried store on win 10 i had mixed results, nothing good came from it, ended using tons of third party softwares, but i admit sometimes its a pain to maintain and update ...