The Next Windows 10 Build, 21H1, Will Be a Minor Update

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There has been very little news of Microsoft's development with its next feature update for Windows 10, codenamed 21H1. But a blog post on the Windows Hardware Certification channel has shared details on hardware compatibility with the next revision of Windows. Indicating that this build will be another minor update, like 20H2.

The blog post points out the 21H1 update will still be based on the 2004 build of Windows with no major changes. Driver signatures, WHCP qualifications, WHCP Requirements, and more still remain the same and match Windows 10 build 2004's system requirements. This means that any PC that has driver support for build 2004, will fully support 21H1.

With every major update, Microsoft almost always updates the system requirements of the build, meaning that stuff like drivers needs to be updated to support the new build to insure 100% compatibility.  Luckily we won't have to deal with that with version 21H1.

Unfortunately, we don't know what the 21H1 update will include just yet, if it's anything like the 20H2, it'll be another optimization update that will bring along bug fixes, optimizations, and some visual improvements to the operating system.

However, this is likely to be Microsoft's last minor update based on OS version 2004, the next major update for Windows 10, codenamed "Sun Valley" is believed to be Microsoft's next big update, and is expected to bring a massive overhaul to the UI once it releases.

But that is all we know, for now, Windows 10 21H1 should be dropping relatively soon, sometime in spring. If you need a copy of Microsoft's OS for your next PC build now, see our article on how to get Windows 10 for free or cheap.

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  • Colif
    2004 wasn't overly exciting either, not sure why they think they changed so much in it. The last 2 version updates have been boring. Bug fixes mostly.

    Mind you, can't they stop fixing bugs/introducing new ones long enough to actually add to some of the features they already introduced? Why can't dual desktops be finished, and remember what you put on them between logons? You know, be actually useful.

    WIn 10 starting to be like word, lots of hidden features. New versions of Windows about as exciting as Android updates.