Windows 7 Could Spur Mac Sales Instead

Apple products' popularity has grown at an impressive rate over the last few years. Be it more MacBooks than ever popping up at Starbucks or the number of iPhones you're noticing that people are touching while out and about, Apple is making headway.

For the computer market, some of that is believed to be because Windows Vista had such negative feelings associated with it, but Windows 7 hopes to fix all of that and more. Early reviews bill Windows 7 as a wonderful operating system, so will this be PC's time to win some share back? If history is any indicator, then no. Apple will sell even more Macs thanks to the release of Windows 7.

According to data collected by Broadpoint AmTech analyst Brian Marshall, it appears that the release of a new Windows version is positively correlated with sales of Mac computers.

"We have concluded that no negative correlation exists on Apple's (AAPL) hardware sales when Microsoft launches a new OS. Ironically, we believe new OS launches from MSFT may have even acted as a 'delayed accelerant' to AAPL's computing sales," Marshall wrote, according to a blog on Fortune.

There's no real reason behind why a new PC technology would spur sales of Apple computers, but perhaps the big wave of new-computer-buying spirit somehow spreads over to those who are considering getting a new Mac.

Any other theories?

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  • doc70
    I have a theory: I smell a Mac fan in tom's staff...
  • adillhoff
    The release of Windows 7 definitely makes me want to overpay on mediocre hardware.
  • cookoy
    windows launch coinciding near holiday seasons when people tend to buy things?
    ever wonder why your boat rises everytime there's high tide?
  • Other Comments
  • doc70
    I have a theory: I smell a Mac fan in tom's staff...
  • XD_dued
    Sounds like coincidence to me...
  • waikano