QOTD: Did You Preorder Windows 7?

Last Saturday was the closing day for Microsoft's Windows 7 preorder program, representing what could be the last chance to grab a Home Premium or Professional license at half price or less.

Last month, when Microsoft announced retail pricing for Windows 7, it also rolled out a preorder program that offered a significant discount that would  run from June 26 to July 11. The special offer from Microsoft prices the Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade at $49.99 – a huge savings from the usual price of $119.99. Those looking for the Professional version can get for half price at $99.99 as part of the deal.

Microsoft said that quantities would be limited, and that it'd be limited to around the same number of Windows Vista licenses sold at retail in its first year. That means that Microsoft is aiming to break the previous generation’s sales record before Windows 7 is even released.

While some stores sold out of the discounted upgrades, the virtual stock wasn't completely depleted, meaning that Microsoft hasn't broken any sales records yet. (Though, once it does, expect Microsoft to make a big deal about it.)

Nevertheless, we imagine that for most of you the chance to buy a Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade license for $49.99 when the regular price is $119.99 is one that's hard to pass up.

So without further ado, our QOTD is: did you preorder Windows 7? If so, which SKU? And if you didn't preorder, tell us why!

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  • Ogdin
    Nope,going to stick with Vista 64,didn't see anything worth upgrading when i used the Win7 rc.
  • Danielw719
  • Anonymous
    I did pre-order Win 7 after trying out the RC and found it worked well with nearly all my components. I chose Win 7 Pro to replace my XP Pro.