Windows 8 Upgrade Deadlines Approaching in January

If you intend to upgrade to Windows 8 soon, you will need to do so in January, as the $39.99 price for the Windows 8 Pro upgrade will expire on January 31. You can also purchase the upgrade now and install it at a later point in time. The shipped and packaged version is priced at $69.99. The offer includes about $70 in discounts for certain apps.

Microsoft will also phase out the free Media Center upgrade for Windows 8 Pro on January 31. Windows 8 users have to purchase the software for $69.99 (and get an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro).

Users who purchased Windows 7 PCs with a discount offer for Windows 8, will have to upgrade also by January 31. The $14.99 offer will not be available in February.

Those who are still using the preview version of Windows should also slowly migrate to a different version, since the software will expire on January 15.


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  • Parsian
    lol they seriously need to fire Ballmer, Microsoft is brought to sh*t by him.
  • stratplaya
    Part of the problem is that Win 7 is so good. I upgraded to 7 from XP thus skipping a release and I don't have plans to upgrade it to 8. I just purchased a laptop with 8 on it and I'm happy with it. The interface took a little getting used to but it does look very nice. My biggest complaint is that using the laptop's touchpad is a little tricky with 8. I'd recommend a mouse or a touch screen.
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  • Anonymous
    Why would I want to upgrade my laptop to look like a smartphone. No thanks. Microsoft has jumped the shark.
  • snwkill
    No sweat off my back... I never plan on using windows 8
  • Parsian
    lol they seriously need to fire Ballmer, Microsoft is brought to sh*t by him.