The First Glimpse of the Windows 8 Start Menu

The Microsoft Build event is kicking off in Anaheim, CA this week, so we're expecting lots of Windows 8 related news bits.

Before the conference starts, here is one new tidbit: the Windows 8 start menu. Microsoft has not officially talked about any of its changes in the start menu from Windows 7 to 8, but you can see below that there's been some tweaks that draw from Windows Phone 7.

The new start menu first popped up in Microsoft's demonstration of Windows 8's native ISO and VHD mounting. Hopefully we'll know much more this week.

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  • cottonball
    Looks like I will stick be using Windows 7 for a long time.
  • clonazepam
    I'll be first in line. The first thing I'll do is click on start, look it over, and then simply look for the "classic" option.
  • Thunderfox
    And so they continue to dumb things down for phones and tablets. To hell with people who actually use their computers.