Europeans to Choose Win XP, Vista Browsers Too

Earlier this week we found out about Microsoft's proposal to the EU to provide a "ballot screen" for those installing Windows 7 to choose which browser, if any, will be installed on the system. This was presented as a possible solution for the EU's antitrust investigation into Microsoft's practices surrounding the bundling of Internet Explorer with Windows.

According to information dug up by Ars Technica, Microsoft will soon offer current users of Windows XP and Vista the same type of choice to install browsers other than Internet Explorer 8.

The browser ballot program is proposed as "Important" or "High Priority" update for Windows XP and Vista that will run for users who have IE installed and set as the default browser. From there, users will get the option of installing other browsers from a Microsoft-maintained website.

Besides the obvious players of Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera, the ballot screen will reportedly also include other Windows browsers with a usage share of at least 0.5 percent in the European Economic Area (for a total of up to ten different browsers).

This is still in the proposal stage as the European Union has yet to decide whether or not this is satisfactory, but we'll keep you posted.

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  • kidamnesiac
    PepiXGuys.. don't you notice that the main target user group for those changes are those who are not tech savvy.. note that the majority of users use what they have.. not what will do the best job for them.. It is necessary to have such an option so that there's more chance that you all use good piece of software to browse the net.. (don't you think that the better browser should get the most users.. not the one which is bundled with your OS..)

    If this is being done for browsers, then why not for other apps? I mean, what about Notepad or Wordpad? There are other vendors out there who make text editors. And then what about Paint or Calc?

    Come on. You want a ballot for every single app included in Windows? Where does it end? It's all a bunch of BS. Microsoft's Windows, Microsoft's choice to include what they want. If you want a different browser, if something is bothering you about IE, then do some freakin' research. It's not that hard to Google the topic.
  • kidamnesiac
    scrumworksLots of angry yanks here. Tells a lot about their nature.

    Yes because when someone expresses discontent about something the EU has done, it must always be generalized into the whole 'Angry Yank' category. What a clever, insightful person you must be.
  • rocky1234
    I have one question is Apple gonna be forced to do this as well after all they also include their own broswer in their OS. I say if one if forced to do it then all companies that make a OS should have to follow suit & do the same no matter how much market share they have or in Apples case don't have. If Microsoft can do this with Windows 7 so close to release then surely to god Apple can too they must have at least one or 2 good tech type people work for them.
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  • verenos
    This version of Opera is no longer available please enjoy this BSOD instead.
  • FlayerSlayer
    Anyone else think it's odd that this is such a big deal for FREE software?
  • amd_guru
    Its all a big pile of crap IMO. Who cares! Its not like u can just go to google and download another one if u want..