World's Largest CPU Air Cooler Will Soon Support Alder Lake

Prosiphon Elite
Prosiphon Elite (Image credit: IceGiant)

The world's largest CPU air cooler, the Prosiphon Elite, will come to the LGA1700 socket to tame even the wildest 12th Generation Alder Lake processors. IceGiant, the company behind the Prosiphon Elite, didn't specify an exact date but claims that socket compatibility is "coming soon."

With dimensions of 164x251x104mm and weighing in at 2kg, the Prosiphon Elite certainly isn't for the faint of heart — or compact cases, for that matter. The cooler, which features an aluminum construction, works similarly to a thermosiphon. First, the heat from the processor boils the liquid inside the cooler's evaporator, causing the vapor to travel toward the three condenser cores. Subsequently, cool air passes through the condenser to turn the vapor back into liquid, and then gravity pushes the fluid back to the evaporator.

Four 120mm cooling fans are in charge of active cooling on the Prosiphon Elite. The cooling fans flaunt a static pressure of 3.3 mmH2O. They can reach rotation speeds of up to 2,300 RPM with a maximum noise level of 32.2 dBA.

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The Prosiphon Elite is already compatible with many mainstream and HEDT Intel and AMD sockets, so it was inevitable that support would arrive for the LGA1700 socket. Unfortunately, IceGiant doesn't put a cooling capacity figure on the Prosiphon Elite. Still, if the cooler can domesticate AMD's core-heavy Ryzen Threadripper chips, it shouldn't have any problems with Alder Lake CPUs like the Core i9-12900K with a 241W MTP (Maximum Turbo Power) rating.

IceGiant will likely add a new bracket and backplate to the Prosiphon Elite to usher in LGA1700 support. We don't think it merits a redesign. However, it's uncertain if IceGiant will offer the LGA1700 mounting hardware for free.

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