Xbox Fall Update Brings New Home Screen, Data Transfer Options

A massive, new update is now available on multiple Xbox consoles. In addition to new improvements on the home screen, the new Fall Update brings better transfer methods so that you can easily move all of your data from one Xbox console to another.

After the update is installed, you’ll notice a new home screen on startup. Microsoft reduced the clutter so that the front page of the Xbox features the most important information, such as your most recently played games, friend and app suggestions, and upcoming deals on the Xbox store. Scrolling below this landing area on the home screen will show off the new “blocks” system. You can pin specific apps, games, and friends to the home screen where they're each shown as individual blocks of information. This allows for quick access to the info that's most important to you, be it news about the latest patch or tournament for your favorite game or watching a new video clip recorded by your friends.

The Guide menu received a few upgrades, as well. Multiple categories were initially displayed vertically, but this update will now feature each section horizontally through multiple tabs, which should make finding selections such as the settings, chat, or achievements easier. Competitive players will also find that the Guide now features a tab for tournaments so that you can stay up to date on the next opportunity to prove yourself against other players.

Microsoft continues its push on Mixer, its online streaming service rival to Twitch, with this new update. You can now show your face alongside your broadcasted gameplay by attaching a USB-based webcam to the console (you can also use the camera to have a video chat via the Xbox’s Skype app). You can also see previews on a broadcast on the Mixer dashboard, and you can check out your “profile stats” through the Guide screen when you begin streaming to viewers. If you want to grab footage for later, GameDVR will support 4K resolution and HDR content captured on the upcoming Xbox One X.

Speaking of the new console, the company added some features to make the data transfer process from your old Xbox to the Xbox One X as easy as possible. In addition to moving data between consoles via online network transfer, you can now choose to use the bulk option when putting your games and saves on an external hard drive. In the past, you had to go through each game individually and choose which parts would go to the external drive or stay in the old console. Transferring in bulk now allows you to quickly select specific items to move, but you can even choose to transfer all console data to the drive. In both cases, make sure you have enough free space before the transfer process begins. Microsoft also said that some 4K content for Xbox One X-enhanced games will will be available before the console’s launch. You can download these to your current console and include them in your bulk transfer so that you don’t spend additional time downloading the update on the Xbox One X.

Other features in the update include an improved Community feed and notification system. Those new to the Xbox console family will also find additional help, which includes tips on existing features and troubleshooting articles, on the new Xbox Assist app.

These new features have been available for Xbox Insiders in the Alpha Ring since early August, and the preview included improvements to the Game Bar on Windows 10 PCs. The PC-specific update allowed you to toggle Game Mode on a “per-game basis,” and there's an option to use game- or system-wide audio for streaming. A PR representative told us that these features are coming with the Fall Creators Update later, but a specific date wasn’t mentioned.

  • perpetual98
    I don't turn my Xbox One on all that often, but when I do use it, I'm always amazed at how (to me at least) the home screen is just hot garbage. It's like they just threw stuff at a wall for you to sift through. Perhaps it's just because I don't use it all that often and maybe I'd get used to it.