Xbox Celebrates Console Flight Simulator With Real Series S Suitcase

Xbox suitcase
(Image credit: Microsoft)

There’s no denying that the new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S each have a unique look, which Microsoft’s embraced before by making both full-sized and mini versions of fridges modeled to look like the Xbox Series X. Now, the Series S is getting its turn with a custom-themed suitcase.

Microsoft’s really taking its lifestyle merch game seriously. While the Xbox Fridge was first revealed as a joke based on memes and only sent to select influencers, it’s now an actual product that anybody can buy, albeit in mini form. We’re curious to see if the Xbox Series S Suitcase will follow a similar path, since it’s being floated around as a contest exclusive for now.

Meant to commemorate the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator on console, the Xbox Series S Suitcase is a full, stand-up, rolling, armored piece of luggage designed in collaboration with July. Microsoft is depicting it with an Xbox Series S console, a portable monitor, two controllers, a pouch and foam cutouts inside. Similar to specialized console carrying cases that are already on the market, the idea is that you can set play portably from directly inside the suitcase. Although, we’re not sure how it’ll handle I/O.

It's not clear if the prize package includes the Xbox Series S and monitor. The contest terms and conditions only list the suitcase, but with a valuation of approximately $2,416.80 USD, that would be awfully expensive for just a custom suitcase. It reads:
The first entry randomly drawn from all valid entries received will win: one (1) x custom Xbox Microsoft Flight Simulator Suitcase (valued at $3,282 AUD or $3470.72 NZD). The total number prizes is one (1) and the total prize value is $3,282 AUD, or $3470.72 NZD. Prizes are not transferable or exchangeable and are not redeemable for cash.

A few Australian influencers have received packages with the suitcase, Xbox Series S, pair of controllers and an Asus ROG XG17 portable monitor, suggesting that may be the complete prize package.

Xbox series s suitcase

(Image credit: Xbox)

The Suitcase looks surprisingly slick for being based on a game console, with its fake fan grill in particular working Supreme-style double duty as both decoration and a logo of sorts. The locks on the side stop it from being as one-to-one as the Series X fridge, but this definitely still has some streetwear swag to it.

You can probably attribute much of that to July, the Australian luggage company that Microsoft’s teamed up with to make this contest happen. But that also brings us to a catch— according to the contest’s terms and conditions, you have to be either an Australian or New Zealand resident to enter. If you are, mate, you just need to do the typical follow, retweet and reply common to Twitter giveaways. 

I’d genuinely be interested in an expanded Xbox lifestyle merch selection going forward. And I don’t even own the console! Let’s hope that, like the fridge before it, this contest is just being used to gauge interest in an actual product that we’ll be able to buy down the line.

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