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CCL Computers has Microsoft's Xbox Series X gaming console in limited stock for £479. These Xbox consoles have been flying off the shelves and emptying online inventories since their release thanks to scarcity and those pesky scalpers. 

The Xbox Series X is the flagship console of Microsoft's current generation and sports some great hardware specs for gaming. This AMD powered machine features a Zen 2 CPU and an RDNA 2 GPU with 16GB of GDDR6 memory and 1TB of built-in custom NVMe storage. 

If you want more storage you are able to add additional SSD storage options, but you will want to check for compatibility unless you are going to use something like the official Seagate storage expansion card.

Xbox Series X: now £479 at CCL Computers

Xbox Series X: now £479 at CCL Computers
Microsoft's latest and most powerful gaming console the Xbox Series X features a custom AMD RDNA 2 GPU and a Zen 2 CPU running up to 3.8GHz. The Series X also features 16GB of GDDR6 RAM and 1TB of NVMe storage. 

The Xbox Series X might not be as powerful as a high-end gaming PC, but the price for performance ratio of the hardware is astounding. Games are able to be played at 120FPS at 4K or variable refresh rates depending on your TV or monitors specifications.

It's not the cheapest we've seen these Xbox Consoles - but they are in stock and are not priced at insane scalper levels. If you've been after an Xbox Series X for a while then hopefully you can get your hands on one of these. Good luck!   

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