XSPC Reveals Upcoming Compact 'Ion' Pump Reservoir Combo

Over the weekend, XSPC revealed a new pump and reservoir combo via Facebook. The company showed images and gave a quick description of the new Ion pump/reservoir on Saturday.

The Ion pump/reservoir is a very compact unit, designed to be mounted to a radiator or case fan. XSPC designed a special bracket for the pump that lets you mount it to either a 120 mm or 140 mm fan or radiator. The rear of the Ion has four holes aligned in a square pattern, allowing for the bracket to be attached in four different orientations, and the brackets have two sets of holes, one to accommodate each fan size. This ensures that the pump can always sit vertically, regardless of mounting location. 

XSPC said the shell of the Ion is made of extruded aluminum, which it said is similar to the material used on its AX series radiators. The left side of the Ion features two G1/4 threads, and the right side has one. There is also a fill port on the top of the unit. The face of the reservoir features an oval-shaped window that lets you see inside the unit. No details were given about the lighting system, but XSPC posted pictures of it being lit by six different colors: white, orange, blue, purple, red and green.

The XSPC Ion pump/reservoir will include the same pump the company uses in its X20 420 bay reservoir. The company said the pump delivers 420 lph (liters per hour) and 2m of head delivery.

XSPC did not give a concrete date of release for the Ion. The price has not been revealed yet either, though the company did give a hint to both the release and pricing in a reply on Facebook to a potential customer on January 30: “It's going on sale. We hope to start shipping next month and the price will be similar to our 420 and 750 bay reservoir pumps,” read the reply.

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