Zephyr Gaming Mouse Brings RGB Air Cooling to Sweaty Palms

Mindshunter Zephyr gaming mouse (Image credit: Mindshunter)

Do your hands get clammy? Do they get even more, shall we say, moist when gaming? Then Mindshunter has the solution for you. The brand's recently listed (opens in new tab)Zephyr gaming mouse incorporates a tiny fan that helps cool your palms when you're under pressure.

Underneath the Zephyr's shell lives a tiny cooling fan that's angled at 45 degrees to keep your palm as cool as possible. The speed of the cooling fan is adjustable, but Mindshunter didn't specify if you can enter your own speed. As far as the marketing material goes, there appears to be settings for 4,000 RPM, 7,000 RPM and 10,000 RPM. 

Mindshunter Zephyr gaming mouse (Image credit: Mindshunter)

The maximum noise level for the included cooling fan is unknown, but we suspect that the little guy can cause quite a racket when spinning at 10,000 RPM. The icing on the cake is that the fan also boasts RGB lighting with three brightness levels, plus off.

But it's not just the RGB fan that's supposed to keep your hand chilled.  The Zephyr's coating is also supposed to help prevent sweat, as well as fingerprints and grease, from staining the mouse. 

And you get additional RGB around the Zephyr's body that you can tweak to your liming.

At 2.40 ounces (68g), the Zephyr will be able to compete with other honeycomb mice when it enters early bird pricing. The Glorious Model O Minus, for example, is the same weight. In addition to a lightweight build, the Zephyr focuses on ergonomics with a symmetrical design.

The Zephyr implements a Pixart 3389 sensor that's rated for over 400 IPS across a CPI range of 100 and 16,000. The switches are from Omron and have an average lifespan up to 50 million clicks.

If you sign up on Mindshunter's website (opens in new tab), you can get the Zephyr with a 50% discount, so the mouse will end up only costing you $79. 

Zhiye Liu
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  • Nemesia
    Wow ok. Not sure we need that. ;p
  • Exploding PSU
    The red one looks cute though, reminds me of something that I can't really remember
  • cryoburner
    As far as the marketing material goes, there appears to be settings for 4,000 RPM, 7,000 RPM and 10,000 RPM.
    When the loudest component in your system is your mouse. : P Okay, it's a tiny fan, and they describe it as being "silent", but is that "silent" compared to a vacuum cleaner, or the normal kind of silent? Also, I kind of wonder if a high-speed fan, however small, could potentially produce unwanted gyroscopic effects on a lightweight mouse.

    If you sign up on Mindshunter's website, you can get the Zephyr with a 50% discount, so the mouse will end up only costing you $79.
    So they're expecting to sell the thing for a $160 MSRP, more than just about any other high-end gaming mouse on the market, just because it has a little fan inside? I have some doubts that this thing will ever be selling for more than the $80 "super early bird" pricing, and even that seems excessive considering it's coming from a company I've never heard of. And what even is the company? The website is called "Mindshunter", and the mouse is apparently called "Zephyr", but at the bottom of the page they make it sound like Zephyr is the name of the company...

    About Us
    Zephyr has years of experience in creative technical gadgets. By forging relationships with our customers and manufacturers that are based on trust and a commitment to quality, we strive to be the best place to purchase creative gadgets on the Internet.

    Copyright ©️ 2020 Zephyr privacy Policy
    So they make "gadgets"? What gadgets? Literally no other products are linked to on their website. In fact, this product page alone appears to be the entire web site. Even the words "privacy Policy" are not even a link to an actual privacy policy. And the slight grammatical errors in just about every sentence on that page don't exactly instill much confidence, even if the page is relatively nice looking.

    The impression I get is that this is one of those $30 off-brand gaming mice, with an interesting gimmick tacked on, and a good marketing department trying to pitch it to tech sites to push pricing that would otherwise be way out of its league.

    On another topic, someone needs to make one of these mice with the fan reversed, so that it can drift around your desk like an air hockey table. Or maybe the desk could be an air hockey table...