MSI apologizes for slower RTX 4070 Ti Supers and delivers BIOS fixes

MSI BIOS updates
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MSI has been quick to release an updated BIOS for its new GeForce RTX 4070 Ti Super 16G Ventus 3X graphics card, and the rest of the new family. An issue with the new Ventus 3X meant that it lost around 5% performance when compared to the reference spec RTX 4070 Ti Super cards in gaming tests.

Today, MSI apologized for its less-than-optimal launch BIOS and took the opportunity to provide fresh BIOS downloads for its full range of RTX 4070 Ti Super cards. “This update will boost your graphics card performance,” pledged MSI. And, users should subsequently find that their cards “meet and exceed the expected benchmarks.”

The Ventus 3X model “does not deliver its full potential,” admitted MSI in its news release today announcing the availability of the new BIOS downloads. The new BIOS comes with version number and has been “freshly fine-tuned by our team,” assured MSI.

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While Tom’s Hardware reviewed an Asus TUF Gaming model on release day, several other sites including PC Gamer had MSI’s Ventus 3X cards in their labs. Sadly for some, the Ventus 3X model performed as much as 5% slower than expected. This issue was quickly evident to outlets that reviewed multiple cards (including the Ventus 3X model) on day one, others were told about the issue by MSI but often too late to fully re-test and re-write their day one reviews.

Graphics card BIOS updates aren’t as common / usual as those for PC motherboards, and users might be rightly concerned about something going wrong during the update process to affect their new $800+ purchase. Hopefully, MSI service will have your back, as it “encourages users to apply the updates accordingly for the optimal experience.”

(Image credit: MSI)

We checked the BIOS download page for the headlining MSI GeForce RTX 4070 Ti Super 16G Ventus 3X graphics card, and the 6.75MB download came with simple and clear instructions to get updated.

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  • peachpuff
    Did msi fire the hardware testing team too after the joke debacle the other day?
  • P0tluck94
    i just bought this card, the 4070ti super oc , does updating the bios void the cards warranty?

    i made a post and i had a response saying flashing the vbios voids the waranty heck i dont even know where to begin to update the vbios .

    my asus 3060ti card has it in the update section in armory crate so ill have to read up on this for the msi card but i dont want to void my warranty on something that the manufacturer is at fault for .