Nvidia RTX 4070 Ti Super GPU roundup: several white models and a few sub-10-inch cards for compact PCs

RTX 4070 TI Super Graphics Cards
(Image credit: Nvidia AIB Partners)

Today is the launch day for Nvidia's new RTX 4070 Ti Super, an $800 graphics card that is replacing the RTX 4070 Ti. Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, PNY, Zotac and Inno3D have all released aftermarket card's sporting Nvidia's new GPU. 

This time around there is no Founders Edition model like the RTX 4070 Super, leaving AIB partner models as the only way consumers can buy a 4070 Ti Super. Most models share the same form factor and cooling recipe as most other high-end RTX 40 series GPUs, including a mixture of triple-fan cooling solutions and triple-slot form factors.

However, unlike most other 40 series launches, the 4070 Ti Super has an unusually high amount of white GPU offerings available from most of the AIB partners. On top of this, there are also several compact dual-fan options to choose from, making the RTX 4070 Ti Super one of the most powerful (and most expensive) GPUs to date that is sold with such a design. Most of these dual-fan options are also quite small too, with all of the ones we've spotted so far sporting comparatively slim dual-slot form factors, perfect for compact gaming PCs.


RTX 4070 TI Super Graphics Cards

(Image credit: Nvidia AIB Partners)

Asus has nine new RTX 4070 Ti Super graphics card models, including ROG Strix, TUF Gaming, and ProArt variants. Similar to the RTX 4070 Super refresh, Asus' new 4070 Ti Super models differ very little from its 4070 Ti counterparts, to the point where it's is nearly impossible at a glance to distinguish an Asus 4070 TI variant from an identical 4070 Ti Super model.

Asus is offering two RTX 4070 Ti Super ROG Strix cards featuring the brand's famous black red and blue color scheme, accompanied by a massive triple-fan cooler design. One model features Nvidia's reference clock speeds, while the other has a factory overclock with the card's OC mode dishing out a maximum rated boost clock of 2700MHz.

For the TUF Lineup, Asus is offering five SKUs in total. Two are normal TUF Gaming models sporting military-themed metal designs and a triple-fan cooling system. As with the ROG Strix models, Asus is offering a factory overclocked variant that boosts all the way up to 2670MHz in OC mode and a vanilla variant featuring Nvidia's reference clocks.

The three other Asus variants are white models, one being a normal model, another a factory overclocked variant, and the third being a special BTF version. The third white TUF model is part of Asus' hidden-power connector initiative and thus features no traditional supplementary power connectors at all. instead, it features a hidden PCIe-like prong adjacent to the x16 connector that feeds the GPU additional power. Before you go out and buy one of these GPUs, Asus' proprietary connector is specialized specifically to BTF compatible motherboards, meaning it won't be compatible with standard motherboards.

Finally, Asus is offering two ProArt RTX 4070 Ti Super SKUs, for buyers who use their GPUs for tasks other than gaming. One model comes with stock clocks, the other with a factory overclock. 


RTX 4070 TI Super Graphics Cards

(Image credit: Nvidia AIB Partners)

Gigabyte has five new RTX 4070 Ti Super SKUs so far, including Aorus, Aero, Gaming, Windforce and Eagle variants.

Similar to Asus, Gigabyte's 4070 Ti Super variants don't have any massive changes compared to their 4070 Ti counterparts. Every single model, from the flagship Aorus model down to the budget Eagle version, share virtually identical shroud designs and color themes.

The Aorus is the flagship model and is one of the biggest 4070 Ti Super graphics cards you will be able to buy. Width-wise, it's not bad coming in at around three slots in thickness. However, the card's height is absolutely massive, coming in at 153mm (6.02 inches), which will reduce compatibility with smaller chassis. Thankfully, the 16-pin connector is recessed several mm down, where the PCB is located, so users won't have to add additional height clearance just for the power cable.

For now, the Aorus model is also the only variant of the five that doesn't feature a factory overclock. But we expect Gigabyte will release a factory OC variant shortly.

The rest of Gigabyte's models, including the Gaming, Aero, Eagle and Windforce are very similar to each other, sporting similar form factors and a triple-fan cooling solution. The Gaming version is Gigabyte's mid-range SKU, sporting a matte-black finish and RGB rings in each of the fans. The Aero is a white SKU, with less of a gamery design, aimed at professionals.

The Eagle and Windforce models make up Gigabyte's more entry-level designs. The Eagle sports a grey and cyan color theme (with a Cyan RGB logo on the side), and the Windforce model offers up a fully blacked-out stealth color theme with no LED lighting whatsoever.


RTX 4070 TI Super Graphics Cards

(Image credit: Nvidia AIB Partners)

So far, MSI has five RTX 4070 Ti Super SKUs listed on its website (similar to Gigabyte), including Gaming X Slim and Ventus models. But MSIoffers both triple-fan and dual-fan cooling solutions with its RTX 4070 Ti Super cards.

Of the five models, two are Gaming X Slim versions, with one being a white model. The Gaming X Slim series is an offshoot of MSI's vanilla Gaming X lineup, optimized for more compact systems. Both cards sport an impressively small dual-slot thickness and a relatively short height, which is rarely seen on most other RTX 4070 Ti Super graphics cards. According to MSI, its Gaming X Slim series GPUs don't compromise on cooling performance either, with its triple-fan cooling solution, so these GPUs should still be competitive in the cooling department compared to MSI's more potent offerings.

The rest of the models are Ventus cards, with one triple-fan model and two dual-fan offerings.

The triple fan model is effectively an entry-level version of MSI's Gaming X Slim model, featuring a very similar dual-slot form factor and triple-fan heatsink. The card features a silver color theme accompanied by matte-black fans and accents dotted around the GPU.

The dual fan offerings come in both standard and white varieties, sporting a very compact cooling system. MSI's Ventus dual-fan cards measure just 242mm (9.53 inches) in length, making them one of the most compact 4070 TI Super GPUs to date. Surprisingly, both the white and standard versions don't compromise length with a super tall form factor, which further improves case compatibility with these GPUs. We aren't sure how MSI did it, but apparently, it has figured out a way to engineer a heatsink dense enough to cool the 4070 Ti Super GPU and fit inside a dual-slot, dual-fan form factor.

Expect more MSI cards to come out in the future. MSI recently unveiled an entirely new sub-lineup of GPUs dubbed the Expert series with the 4070 Super. We expect MSI will make new 4070 TI Super GPUs under the Expert umbrella, along with its other sub-brands like the Suprim series.

Other GPU Manufacturers

The rest of Nvidia's remaining AIB partners have also announced cards, including models from Inno3D, PNY and Zotac.

Zotac has three new models: the Trinity White, Trinity Black, and AMP Holo. All three feature big triple-fan heatsinks and Zotac's IceStorm 2.0 advanced cooling solution.

PNY has just two models listed on its website so far: the Vetro Overclocked and Vetro Epic-X RGB Overclocked. Both versions sport big triple-slot, triple-fan heatsinks with matte-black finishes. The Epic-X variant is the more premium offering, sporting RGB lighting around the central fan.

Inno3D has four models: one triple-fan, dual-slot card, and three dual-fan, dual-slot cards. Compared to MSI's dual fan offerings, Inoo3D's come in at a slightly longer 250mm (9.8 inches). Three of the four models sport black and silver finishes, while the last one features a white and silver finish.

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  • Notton
    That's a hard pass on any 4070Ti Super that costs more than the founder's edition.
    Unless the base price comes down by some $50~100, then AIB models aren't even worth a look.
  • evdjj3j
    Notton said:
    That's a hard pass on any 4070Ti Super that costs more than the founder's edition.
    Unless the base price comes down by some $50~100, then AIB models aren't even worth a look.
    According to Jarred's article today there is no Founders Edition of the 4070ti Super.