Adata showcases case with a glass panel that curves from the side to the top — Invader X Pro also includes a 5-inch LCD monitor

Adata's XPG Invader X Pro PC case.
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Adata's upcoming XPG Invader X Pro is a standard PC case except for one thing: it uses one piece of curved glass to cover the side and the top. It's a very unusual (though not unprecedented) design choice for a case, which sacrifices the ability to have case fans installed at the top in exchange for a better look at the internals of this brand-new chassis.

The most significant selling point of the Invader X Pro is that users can get a complete view of the internal components thanks to the two installed glass panels. Technically, the same thing could be achieved with three glass panels for the front, side, and top, but the edges of all the panels would somewhat obstruct the view. Using a single curved piece of glass for the top and side, the Invader X Pro has a single seam between the curved and front panels.

Of course, the obvious drawback is that it's impossible to mount fans or radiators to the glass panels. So, the Invader X Pro uses the reverse side and bottom panels to provide the airflow that typically comes from the front and top. This case can have up to 11 fans, and Adata has configured the bottom fans to be intake while the rest are exhaust. This solution has excellent cooling performance, according to Adata, but take that with a grain of salt.

The Invader X Pro is undoubtedly built for high-end hardware, not just because up to 11 fans can be installed inside but also because it can house an E-ATX motherboard. E-ATX is the form factor on workstation-class boards for CPUs like AMD's Threadripper CPUs, which recently returned to HEDT with the Threadripper 7000 series.

You'd probably expect all this plus an included 5-inch LCD (almost tacked on to the case as an afterthought) to cost bank-breaking bucks, but Adata says it will launch at $329. That's certainly not cheap, but it is at least in line with prices for today's high-end cases. We've also been told to expect the Invader X Pro to launch at Computex this year, from June 4 to June 7.

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  • ValDorta
    This is perfect for an air-cooled, horizontal-flow build. All that's needed now is an Invader X Pro white case for Asus BTF components!