Cooler Master bundles free 27-inch 240 Hz gaming monitor with 850W fanless power supply — X Silent Edge Platinum 850 goes up for preorder at $399

Cooler Master X Silent family of power supplies
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Cooler Master has finally listed its first completely fanless power supply for sale, with a highly enticing early adopters deal. For a limited time, buyers can get the power supply for $399 and a 27-inch curved gaming monitor for free.

The X Silent Edge Platinum 850 is a fully fanless power supply, the largest-wattage ATX power supply without a fan commercially available today. The PSU offers all the standard power supply leads for an 850-watt computer, including a 12V graphics card cable. Also included are USB and PMBus headers for connecting your PSU to monitoring software and an extra fan header. The power supply, as the name suggests, is rated for 80 Plus Platinum efficiency and comes with a 15-year warranty from Cooler Master.

The X Silent Edge Platinum 850 will first ship at the end of June, but for buyers who order soon, a limited number of units will be priced at $399 rather than the MSRP of $549. These units will also come bundled with a Cooler Master GM27-CFX 27" curved gaming monitor, a 1080p (1920 x 1080), 240 Hz panel with DisplayHDR400 rating; not true HDR, but bright enough to make a slight improvement over many other panels. Also included in the early bird bundle are an ATX 24-pin 90-degree adapter and an M.2 SSD thermal pad.

The Cooler Master X Silent series of power supplies has been talked about since Cooler Master started building hype for the line in the lead-up to CES 2024. The X Silent Edge Platinum 850 is the only model released for sale now and is the smallest power supply in the stable. Still yet to come are the X Silent Edge Platinum 1100W, X Silent Max Platinum 1300W, and X Mighty Platinum 2000W, with the 1300W and 2000W models housing a large fan inside for silent operation some of the time and really-quiet the rest of the time.

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The X Silent Edge Platinum 850 and 1100 achieve a fanless design through a substantial metal cooling block threaded with copper heat pipes on their undersides. The thick block adds serious heft to the power supplies based on our hands-on time at Cooler Master HQ in December. Cooler Master says it decided to go all-in on fanless both for the convenience of the user chasing a silent PC and for the long-term life of the PSU, as dust entering through the fan can cause early power supply death.

Those looking to chase an entirely silent PC at higher power draws can look no further than the X Silent Edge Platinum 850; no other passive power supplies are yet on the market at this wattage or above. The closest is the Seasonic Prime Fanless TX-700, which retails for around $250, significantly cheaper than even the X Silent Edge's $399 early-bird price tag, but not enough for more power-hungry systems. We're excited to get our hands on the X Silent Edge and see whether it ranks among our best PSUs.

Dallin Grimm
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  • oofdragon
    So it could he sold at $150 and they would still make a profit
  • Alvar "Miles" Udell
    Who makes that PSU? Is it a reputable OEM like SeaSonic or something that will turn into a "Chinese firecracker"?
  • Darkbreeze
    I can't find anything at all on who the OEM is for that series, anywhere. Just too new. Need to wait. I'm sure reviews will be incoming before too very long. Pretty sure Aris over at Hardwarebusters will have a sample sooner rather than later.
  • das_stig
    According to official UK resellers, this monitor is EOL and not available, so they must have a lorry full of monitors to move, as any sensible person isn't going to spend the money they want for a PSU and better monitors and PSUs available
  • MilesVW
    I'm thinking its going to be pretty difficult to have a fanless PC that can actually use anything near 800w peak. You would be talking a massive radiator or two. Easily 30L each. Maybe a thermosiphon? But I've never seen one used fanless, or on a GPU. And then you need to eliminate coil whine.

    The reason they are discounting it is probably because they realize it has limited use cases and it's likely just to gather publicity for their brand.

    Interesting product to be sure. Unfortunately I would likely point a noctua fan at it anyway 😂