Pick up Seasonic's Focus GX-850 to power up your next build, now just $94

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Seasonic has a great reputation as a premium supplier of reliable power supplies. As many PC builders already know, you should never scrimp on your PSU and be mindful of the amount of power your PC requires to operate safely and efficiently. With the increasing demands of modern graphics cards on power, it's important to make sure you can supply ample power to these GPUs and have enough left over for the rest of the system. 

Today's deal is for Seasonic's Focus GX-850 power supply from Newegg which is on sale for just $94 (with the coupon applied.) Use code SSDMDS2Z38 at checkout to receive a $10 discount. 

The Seasonic Focus GX-850 is an ATX-sized power supply with a 140 mm depth for fitting easily into any ATX PC case. With a modular cable design, you can simplify your cable routing by only using the necessary cables - no more cable nests stuffed under the PSU shroud. The Seasonic Focus GX-850 also comes with a hybrid fan control button on the rear of the PSU that offers two modes of operation - Seasonic S2FC (fan control without fanless mode) and S3FC (fan control including fanless mode) - this offers you a choice of how you use the available fanless mode of this PSU.

Seasonic Focus GX-850 Power Supply: now $94 at NeweggSSDMDS2Z38

Seasonic Focus GX-850 Power Supply: now $94 at Newegg (was $129)

A solid power supply from Seasonic that offers a stable 850 watts of efficient power to your PC should it need it. With an 80+ Gold certification and fully modular cable design, this ATX form factor PSU also supports a low-noise mode and even comes with a 10-year warranty.

Use code SSDMDS2Z38 at the checkout to receive a $10 discount.

Seasonic offers a lengthy 10-year warranty for the Seasonic Focus GX-850, so should anything go wrong with this PSU, you're covered.

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