New thermal paste smells like flowers from heaven

Scented thermal pastes- useful or just another novelty with good enough thermal performance
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Thermal paste maker Clock Work Tea Party (CWTP), known for releasing scented non-conductive thermal pastes, has now released an osmanthus-scented variation in limited quantities. The thermal paste will be ready for purchase on April 12 and available in Japan with a worldwide shipping option.

There's no explanation given why CWTP makes scented thermal pastes or if it includes specific unique properties that make one's system smell nice at higher temperatures. The scent is extracted from Osmanthus fruit and mixed with the base ingredients containing Silicone and metal oxide. However, the product comes with a commemorative resin card for this limited version.

Based on its specs, CWTP rates itself as having a high durability grade and reasonably good ease of application. The thermal paste works in environments between -50 degrees Celsius and 250 degrees Celsius. CWTP recommends this paste for liquid and air coolers, with a soft viscosity that allows easy spread over the CPU's integrated heatsink. The company assures its high durability, which makes it more suited for long-term applications.

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Thermal conductivity6.3/7 grade index
Ease of application5.0/7 grade index
Durability7.0/7 grade index
Thermal resistance value0.03℃・cm2/W
Evaporation rate (deterioration rate)0.001%
Heat-resistant temperature-50 to 250℃
IngredientsSilicone, metal oxide, and other naturally derived ingredients ( scent of osmanthus fruit)
ROHs standardsCompliant
Contents4 gms

Despite multiple options, choosing a thermal paste is relatively easy, given that little one could go wrong with choosing a widely available and community-chosen thermal paste. CWTP does have non-scented variants but makes limited quantities of scented versions. The green apple-scented paste was the first to gain attention worldwide, and the previous version smelled like strawberries.

We tested a plethora of readily available thermal pastes a few months ago, so it would be interesting to see how CWPT's option holds itself against the recommended ones. Even with the oversaturation of choices, it will be interesting to know if the locals prefer to pick this up, given that thermal pastes typically stay with an average single-PC user for a few years, more if the applied thermal paste has higher durability. Due to advancements made with thermal pastes, single-application alternatives like Gelid and Thermalright are more user-friendly as they have much higher consistency than spread thermal paste.

Who knows, maybe someone will make a thermal paste that would discourage an ant infestation, which would be more beneficial than a scented thermal paste.

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