8BitDo Retro 18 Mechanical Numpad preorders begin — NES, Famicom, C64, other models to ship in July

8BitDo Retro 18 mechanical numpad
(Image credit: 8BitDo)

8BitDo has made its Retro 18 Mechanical Numpad available for preorder on Amazon at $44.99. This number pad pairs perfectly with the firm's own NES-inspired keyboard, which is only available in a TKL layout. Aside from working as a mechanical number pad, the Retro 18 also sports a retro LED display, and wireless connectivity, allowing you to use it as a standalone calculator.

The Retro 18 is compatible with both Windows and Android, so you can use it on your laptop and smartphone. It has Bluetooth, 2.4G, and a USB-C port, giving you the flexibility to choose your preferred connection. The 2.4G dongle slots neatly and securely into the magnetic compartment at the bottom of the numpad, ensuring you will never lose it. Unfortunately, it’s not yet certified for macOS, iPads, and iPhones, so you must find an alternative if you’re an Apple fan.

Aside from the screen and the number keys, you also get the following buttons on the top row: a themed CAL button to turn on calculator mode, a dedicated Windows calculator launch key, a wireless connection button, and a rotary knob to select its connection mode. As with the 8BitDo retro mechanical keyboards, this mechanical numpad also uses hot-swappable switches and supports N-key rollover. It uses Kailh Box White Switches V2 and PBT or double-shot ABS keycaps, all mounted on an aluminum plate for durability and stability.

(Image credit: 8bitDo)

All variants of the Retro 18 are priced at $44.99, and you can now pre-order them on Amazon. Currently, the following versions are available: the Nintendo-inspired N Edition, the C64 Commodore 64-look alike, and the classic M Edition. You can order them now and 8BitDo will start deliveries on July 15. We will also get a Famicom-inspired Fami Edition, but we have no word yet on when it will come in stock.

The Retro 18 is the perfect companion to the 8BitDo Retro Mechanical Keyboards, with their available colorways and aesthetics matching each other. So, if you’re after a retro build, these are the perfect peripherals for your desk. You can also pair it with the Lofree Retro Mouse to complete the look, as 8BitDo is yet to release a companion mouse for its retro accessories.

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