Thermaltake G700 gaming desk has RGB controls with mechanical switches

Thermaltake G700 Motorised Standing Desk
(Image credit: Thermaltake)

The Thermaltake G700 gaming desk is ready for multi-monitor setups with the ability to lift 286 pounds, but what really drew our attention was the way you control the standing legs: with mechanical switches and keycaps boasting RGB lighting.

You can swap those keycaps out, just like a keyboard, letting you give your desk a bit of flare. Considering how often some of us change keycaps, it just seems like a natural extension of any switches within reach. We didn't get a straight answer, however, on what kind of switches are being used.

The systems is large enough for a multi-monitor setup and uses two motors to adjust the height for standing or sitting position. The G700's adjustable height has a minimum of 23.6 inches and a maximum of 49.2 inches.

Based on the images, there is a gap likely for routing cables through and maybe providing access to install desk clamps for monitor setups. There is an integrated cable management and moveable monitor side rail. Furthermore, it allows two programmable height settings for quick on-the-fly adjustment, lighting control and an anti-collision sensor.

'Gaming desks' from many companies are based in aesthetics, but they're ultimately just desks. Thermaltake's G700 looks like a purpose-built table. it also has single and dual monitor arms with RGB lighting and peg boards that can be mounted on any desk since it uses C-clamps. 

But Thermaltake isn't the first gaming peripheral maker to make these. Corsair took a shot it at a couple of months ago with its standing desk whose MSRP was $1,399 with a ten-year warranty and table measuring 72 x 30 inches. We don't have official pricing or a release date for the G700, though we expect it will arrive sometime this year.

Roshan Ashraf Shaikh
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  • gg83
    🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 $1400 for a mass produced desk type with a slightly different control panel.
  • DavidLejdar
    Meanwhile in Europe, e.g. the Huzaro Hero 8.2 RGB LED Electric Desk has a bit more RGB:
    For me, RGB is not that interesting though. If I would go for a gaming desk specifically, it should have some features like:

    - A holder for a midi-tower, to have it a bit above the ground. Ideally a moveable holder, as in being able to pull the holder out, and turn it sideways to some 45 degrees. And voila, easy access to the inside.

    - A holder for a power tower, with the holder moving vertically. Like, bringing a laptop or needing to charge a phone? Push a button, power tower moves up (incl. USB sockets), and all set.

    - Some cable bridging. Like, instead of connecting headphones to the PC, why not be able to connect the PC to the desk, and just plug the headphones in the desk.

    And some additional stuff.
  • toffty
    At that price point, the desk should be a PC case too.
  • mwm2010
    toffty said:
    At that price point, the desk should be a PC case too.
    That already exists in the form of the Unevn Base.