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On Location At AMD's 2012 ExtravaLANza Event

A Long History With Tom's Hardware

We spotted these awards on the shelves at AMD. They're from almost a decade ago!

  • amuffin
    GX60 has an A10-4600M and a 7970M? That's going to be an interesting combo. :)
  • joytech22
    7970M and a 4600M will be VERY interesting. :S
    Hopefully in a good way considering the CPU is pretty damn weak.
  • obsama1
    That Sapphire Mini APU computer looks SWEET. I could imagine something like w/ Kaveri. Would be an amazing portable gaming system.
  • dudewitbow
    amuffinGX60 has an A10-4600M and a 7970M? That's going to be an interesting combo.
    with the 7970m being the cheaper high end gpu of the two with power similar to a desktop maybe like 660, along with a a10-4600m which is probably similar to a dual core i-series but probably cheaper would probably make it a pretty good budget oriented high end laptop I would think. Its more or less moving the cost of a i7 cpu to fund the more important gpu for gaming purposes on a laptop. Depending on its price, It may be able to shove around alot of laptop recommendations.
  • monkeymonk
    I don't think that is braided tubing that is just an acrylic detail inside of that res.
  • dormantreign
    I wish there were more pictures or some video.
  • TheinsanegamerN
    where can i get that msi gx60?
  • milkshakez7z
  • buzznut
    It's a Forzen Q res, can be found here:
  • digiex
    Far cry picture sure has a super realistic shoulder and head. The photographer got the right angle.