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In Pictures: 40 Of The Dirtiest PCs You've Ever Seen


Even scissor-switch keyboards can become a storage space. Only the strongest cleaning agents will be able to help here.

Point Of View

Below the fan is above the fan...or something.

Coral Reef

In the front of this machine, components that belong next to each other slowly grow together.


A typical before and after picture. Sometimes, the only hope is some good industrial-strength cleaner.

Just Too Much?

We don’t even have words for this.


This laptop howls with the Siberian wolves.

A Light Dusting

Lukewarm beer might be worse than this...but not much else.

The Final Lid

This is the last front-panel cover, we promise. It’s the same PC case shown a few pages back, bathed in a new light.

The Bottom

Who doesn’t like an underdog? Then again, this coating might just be permanent.

Hello Spidey!

First version: the lone wolf. We’ll get to the metropolis version later.