AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 Unboxing

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Igor Wallossek

Igor Wallossek is a Senior Contributing Editor for Tom's Hardware DE. He tests and reviews CPUs, GPUs, games and headsets.

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  • Glock24
    No Vega 56?
  • Kennyy Evony
    I highly doubt the postman was thrilled about a plain box items usually get shipped in. Having labels or text on the box other than address is forbidden at post office. They simply would tell you to get an unmarked box for shipping purposes. Generally it is unwise to advertise contents of a package especially if its Tech. Those packages tend to disappear without getting to their destination.
  • InvalidError
    I really hope this unboxing the boxes, unboxing the product, putting the product on a motherboard, showing the fans spin and RGB lighting turn on, etc. all with different embargo dates before the actual review all in separate coverage stories thing isn't going to become the norm. The intent is clearly to generate hype but the net effect for me feels more like stall burn-out - by the time the actual review comes out, I'm tired of hearing about it from redundant and only marginally relevant coverage.
  • FormatC
    1754890 said:
    No Vega 56?
    Fata Morgana? I got no card in Germany. No chance. They simply forgot the rest of the world, also this unboxing NDA. I had to ask at Friday afternoon - and only after my question the EMEA PR was in heavier rotation. Too late for many media.
  • 10tacle
    Yeah I only see one other major tech website with an "unboxing" preview out there (Tweaktown). Nothing from Anandtech and nothing from Guru3D.

    EDIT: Guru3D just put it up. According to the hint there, looks like Monday is get out of NDA jail day for everyone being allowed to publish their full reviews!
  • jimmyEatWord
    Vega's easter egg is in the game DooM . they probably are trying to tell you how the games are for developing new hardware ..
  • Kennyy Evony
    "A Racehorse Or A Workhorse?" Neither, it's whats left over AFTER the horse...
  • Malithyus
    Bring on tomorrow, hopefully it's at least on par with the 1080.
  • peterf28
    and I'm still waiting with my 560Ti 1gb , should have jumped on the gtx1060 train a year ago, but no, I am still waiting and waiting and waiting ..,,
  • rush21hit
    That 2x8 pin is an eerie sight to behold already...
  • peterf28
    14.VIII. 02:02 AM ...... WHERE REVIEW IS ??????!!!!!???
  • FormatC
    It will come right after NDA fall. :)
  • InvalidError
    482859 said:
    It will come right after NDA fall. :)

    Later if the main page remains broken - I've been getting Error 500 for a few days on the main site.
  • tamban
    (hopefully) Next stop: Raven Ridge !