Best 'Skyrim' Mods

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  • AnimeMania
    I usually turn Skyrim on about once a week just to hunt some animals. Are there any good mods for hunting, like adding various animals, and making the rewards they give you more exciting? You don't know how many times I shot a wild goat and nothing was inside. Nothing too elaborate, since I am a very casual player.
  • jawnTEM
    I must be missing something? I was expecting a list of mods along with links? Not that I don't have a plethora of them already. As for The Elder Scrolls series, I played Morrowind for about 13 years and collected something like 8 or 9 thousand different mods. Oblivion, not so much; but, Skyrim, even as finicky as it is, is an exceptional game, made more so from community mods.
  • megamanxtreme
    Try the Electro-City Imaginator, it does depth stuff like ENBs without requiring heavy GPU.
  • iguanac64
    I've never played Skyrim with mods. I finally reloaded it to finish it, and went through the built-in mod system and it told me it would disable achievements if I activated any mods. I just want the mods that make the game better to look at. Does enabling mods outside of that system disable achievements, too?
  • SamSerious
    I started playing Skyrim two month ago. However im too scared of causing even more bugs to try out mods. At least the graphics in the special edition on steam is quite nice anyway and everything runs nicely on max settings on a 1050ti.
  • 1rishPredator
    Immersive Armour Mod is awesome and is one of the best. Also the Forgotten City is really good.
  • leo2kp
    Will all of these work with Skyrim SE?
  • shrapnel_indie
    Enderal: An immersive total conversion mod. There's something to remember about this one: No Skyrim and Enderal at the same time.... unless you have Skyrim SE for Skyrim, and the older Skyrim for Enderal. Otherwise you'll need two installs of Skyrim, with one dedicated to Enderal... of course this is based on the premise you don't want to install and uninstall Enderal all the time.

    Also, I have not heard of an Enderal update for SE. As to the other mods? I'd assume they are all original Skyrim based... compatibility with SE might be good or it might be a total fail. I think it might also look for the script extenders for Skyrim, as it does for Fallout 4.
  • husker
    This is more like a random list of suggestions, rather than the best of the best. For instance what about immersive sounds? Improvements to the default map? Just way to many to list -- most of the few listed in this article really don't stand out all that much. Also clearly not meant for PC gamers because it doesn't list SkyUI which is probably the most downloaded mod and a must have for the non-SE version (although older versions of SkyUI will mostly work on Skyrim SE because they did not require the script extender which is still M.I.A for Skyrim SE). A better title would be "Some Nice Suggestions to Add To Your Skyrim Mod List".
  • animatefire
    @ANIMEMANIA--SkyTEST, Hunterborn, Hunters Not Bandits. And tons more.
  • delta5
    No loverslab mods... ? :(
  • Olle P
    1843523 said:
    ... However im too scared of causing even more bugs to try out mods.
    One of the more essential mods is an unofficial bugfix. :)

    108272 said:
    Will all of these work with Skyrim SE?
    I'd say that most of them aren't even available for SE, but I might be wrong.

    290340 said:
    ... require the script extender...
    I've never understood how to make the script extender work with Steam.
    The game just won't start or crash almost immediately.