The Coolest Case Mods of Computex 2018

A Water Snake

Bykski also created a little brother for his Giant Viper build at the Colorful booth. The Tiny Viper is a blue three-post chassis that sports a sealed dome and bottom-mounted radiator and pump that flushes non-conductive liquid over the components to keep them cool. Although the Core i3 processor and Nvidia GT 730 graphics card aren’t what you’d consider a winning performance combination, the pint-sized Tiny Viper is in a class of its own with its unique direct-contact liquid cooling solution.

A Case With A View

G.skill’s booth was filled with a schmorgus board of modded rigs, but one stood out from the pack with a custom-built side panel display. Similar to iBuypower’s Snowblind, the display is illuminated by white LEDs and is contrasted against the interior’s also-white components and panels. A modder named Polycat designed the screen himself, and the impressive aesthetic could give iBuypower a run for its money should they ever decide to build these on a large scale.

The Calvary’s Here!

Cheers love! The calvary’s here at Computex 2018 with an Overwatch-themed case mod that pays tribute to the franchise’s leading lady, Tracer. Modder Ronnie Hara styled a be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 chassis with Tracer’s signature yellow tone, and he even mounted a chronal accelerator to the front and top of the case. With a Core i5 processor, a GTX 1060 graphics card, and liquid cooling blocks from EK, the Tracer mod case is one of the coolest rigs we’ve seen on the showfloor.

That’s Dark

BIRD Customs also based its mod rig on be quiet! components, with a customized Dark Base 700 chassis, Straight Power 11 PSU, a Dark Rock Pro 4 CPU cooler, and Silent Wings 3 case fans. The Darkest Base keeps the components neatly compacted in the centrifuge, and the black theme brings the stoic PC to a dark place.

Gullwing Glory

Zotac commissioned GGF to build a customized rig for Computex 2018. The modified Thermaltake View 27 chassis sports a gullwing tempered glass panel that puts the components and custom liquid cooling on full display, and the PSU shroud has been cut to accommodate a vertically mounted graphics card that connects to the back of the chassis with pass-thru cables. The angled GPU fits between the yellow liquid-filled tubing, and Zotac’s wares have never looked more attractive than in this beast of a machine.

Derek Forrest
Derek Forrest is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He writes hardware news and reviews gaming desktops and laptops.
  • Lutfij
    All of them put in a good show with their mods! :)
    Each in a very unique form/design.
  • kyotokid
    ...and I used to joke about how some of those over the top gaming enclosures looked like they'd turn into some type of killer robot when your back was turned....

    ...then I saw that first one.
  • leonardhobbel
    For some reason I can not see the pictures of the case mods. I can see everything else...Shame...o'well moving on