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The 2.5" vs. 3.5" RAID Challenge

Benchmark Results

Iometer is a standard benchmark that can be fed with different parameters such as transfer request size, percentage of read/write access, percentage of sequential/random access etc. Depending on the workload profile, we use four different benchmark patterns that return I/O performance at different queue depths between 1 and 64 queues. Finally, the maximum throughput chart shows what bandwidth a drive is able to deliver at a given request block size.

  • If you look closely you will see that this review compared 5400rpm 2.5" drives with 7200rpm 3.5" drives.

    Which makes it completely useless and flawed. I seriously can't believe Tom's did that. Maybe if there had been 5400rpm 3.5" drives included, some useful information could be gleaned from the tests.

    This entire article should be deleted just to save face, if not disk space. This article's very existence makes me embarrassed for Tom's Hardware.
  • Agree
    This is ridiculous
    the outside speed of the platter !!
    I cannot believe it .. you wait one turn never mind where your data are located and at 7200rpm your platter may be 1 meter in diameter it is not going to change anything it will stl be one rouind trip
    You will wait one turn ( 1/7200th of a second )
    It ain't go faster nor slower mechanically
    The heads are another story