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Maximum Efficiency: Build A 25W Performance PC Using Core i5

Benchmark Results: Efficiency (Performance Per Watt)

Once again, we ran our efficiency suite, which consists of several scripted benchmarks.

Since we keep tracking power in one-second intervals, we can calculate the average power used for the entire workload. The difference is significant considering that the performance does not change. All we're doing is modifying components and voltage settings in an effort to decrease power consumption.

The results on total power used for this test run are similar to the average readings.

The total runtime is one form of a performance result. As you can see, the results are very similar for the first three configurations. The last test run, which was conducted with the slower but more efficient Toshiba 2.5” hard drive, delivers less overall performance due to the decreased disk performance.

We divided the performance result by the power used to get our efficiency score. As expected, efficiency increases quite a bit.

The efficiency diagram visualizes power consumption at every point of the benchmark run and also shows differences in runtime.