3.8 GHz P4-570 and E0 Stepping To End Intel's Performance Crisis

P4 Processor Type Overview

The Pentium 4 570 is distinguishable from preceding cores only by the new features outlined above. The new processor comes with the Performance Requirement Bit enabled (PRB1), as it is with P4 models 560 and 550. All of these chips are designed for a thermal power loss of 115 W.

However, Intel is clearly making headway in its manufacturing process. As a result, the 3.4 GHz Pentium 4 550 will from now on also be available as an 84 W part (PRB0). Be sure to buy the right version, since both will be around for the time being. According to Intel, a PRB0 version of the P4-560 is very likely to follow, but we don't expect the 3.8 GHz part to fit into the tougher envelope. Back at the Socket 775 introduction, only the P4 models 520, 530 and 540 were available as lower-power PRB0 parts.

If you want to buy one of these 3.4 GHz P4 processors (and we do consider this model the most attractive), be sure to either check the SL-SPEC number, or simply look for the following sentence on the processor box:

"Requires Platform Compatibility Guide 04A / 04B".

A means 84 W, B represents the 115 W versions.

The TCase temperature is measured at the center of the CPU

The minimum thermal loss measured with Enhanced Halt State disabled.