New 3D Chips - Banshee, G200, RIVA TNT And Savage3D

3D Game Benchmark Results - Sin Demo Killer.dm2

The first thing that catches your eye in the Sin results is the obvious inability of Savage3D to run it. That is another proof for the `maturity' of the OpenGL D3D wrapper. The next surprising thing is that Banshee scores just the same as Voodoo2, it seems as if Voodoo2 cannot take advantage of its second TMU although Sin is using the Quake 2 engine. The TNT results are another proof that for some reason the Sin demo doesn't seem to use multi texturing. TNT scores worse than Banshee, although it should certainly score better if it could take advantage of its twin texel engine. The Celeron 266 results of TNT are pretty bad again, just as in Quake 2. G200 scores ok, but I guess that everything under 30 fps isn't really any good for playing Sin.