New 3D Chips - Banshee, G200, RIVA TNT And Savage3D

3D Game Benchmark Results - Incoming Gameindex

Incoming shows quite a few interesting things. First of all it seems obvious, that 33 fps are as fast as the G200 can display Incoming at 1024x768, regardless which CPU is used. A Pentium II 400 scores exactly the same as a Celeron 266. For the other cards it seems obvious, that 51-55 fps are the magic border when using a Celeron 266, since all cards are scoring almost the same. Things look a lot different in a PII 400 system. Banshee scores quite a bit better than single Voodoo2 and Savage3D can surpass Banshee as long as the `FD' registry setting is enabled. I wish I knew what this setting means. TNT scores extremely high with a PII 400 at 640x480, but Savage3D is catching up with it at 1024x768. When using a Celeron 266 it's almost opposite, TNT looks best at 1024x768.