New 3D Chips - Banshee, G200, RIVA TNT And Savage3D

Office Performance Benchmark Results - Winstone 98

As you can see, the 2D scores of the three cards are almost identical at 16 bit color depth. Switching to 32-bit color has got no impact on the RIVA TNT, the largest impact on Savage3D. However, the results are still too close to speak of serious differences. All of the four chips are damn fast in 2D and RIVA TNT is the fastest, although with only an extremely tiny lead.

Benchmark Results - AGP Performance

The AGP performance of Banshee is simply non existent, since it is no proper AGP implementation. Savage3D looks pretty bad here too, which makes you wonder if it has a real 2x AGP implementation. G200 looks very good and TNT seems to have an excellent AGP implementation indeed.