New 3D Chips - Banshee, G200, RIVA TNT And Savage3D

3D Game Benchmark Results - Quake 2 Mon2.dm2

S3's own `mon2.dm2' demo, using their own `newS3' map is using a whole lot of really large textures, making the scenery look very detailed and pretty. It would have been a shame if Savage3D would not score well in it, but this would almost have happened. In the latest driver I received, the `AA" setting needs to be enabled to run mon2.dm2 at a decent speed. Anyway, in mon2.dm2 the Savage3D scores higher and higher the more test runs you do. I decided to put down the result of the second run. Matrox' G200 looks very good at mon2.dm2 as well, obviously due to its AGP 2x interface. It reaches about 66% of the Savage3D scores and this without texture compression. The coolest thing are the TNT results however. TNT scores better than Savage3D although TNT does not use texture compression!!! Only with a Celeron 266 TNT looks a little slower than Savage3D, which is another proof for the CPU dependency of TNT in Quake 2. 3Dfx products have yet to learn what AGP means, so the mon2.dm2 is a serious threat to them. 22 fps scored by a $500 Voodoo2 SLI combo looks a bit sad, doesn't it? Banshee looks even worse, its `AGP-interface' only consists of the mechanical connector for the AGP slot.