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Yield For The Thoroughbred "B": 306 CPUs Per Wafer

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CPU coreThoroughbred "B"Thoroughbred "A"Palomino
Wafer size31416 mm²31416 mm²31416 mm²
Die-size84 mm²80 mm²128 mm²
Process0,13 µm0,13 µm0,18 µm
Cut loss18 Prozent18 Prozent18 Prozent
Yield306 parts/Wafer322 parts/Wafer201 parts/Wafer

AMD works exclusively with wafers with a diameter of 200 mm, which constitutes a total surface area of 31415 mm² of silicon. The quotient from wafer surface and CPU die size gives you the theoretical yield, without waste. In the production process, an average of 18% clippings results from the 200 mm wafers.

With the production of the Thoroughbred core in Dresden, AMD calculates a yield of approximately 306 CPUs - based on 0.13 micron technology and a die surface of 84 mm². Compared to its predecessor, the Thoroughbred "A," the theoretical yield decreases to 16 pieces per wafer. Note that the count of 306 processors assumes an error of 0%.