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Athlon Vs. Atom: Duel Of The Energy Savers

Real World Use: LAN, DVD And HD Speed

Network Speed

The Gigabyte board is equipped with Gigabit Ethernet. In our test, we transfer a very large file at a speed of approximately 32 MB per second. During this operation, the Athlon 64 2000+ at 1.00 GHz runs with a load level of 64%, which means that while a data transfer is going on, it is hardly possible to run other applications.

For DVD playback we used PowerDVD 8. The Athlon 64 2000+ has no problems at all displaying a continuous and error-free picture, but it runs at 68% load.

In spite of the hardware acceleration of the on-board ATI Radeon HD 3200, Blu-ray playback is far from possible. Almost 100% decoding is done by the graphics chip, but the video stream coming from the Blu-ray disk has to be decrypted. Here the Athlon 64 2000+ is in way over its head—it is not possible to use it as a Blu-ray player.