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Corsair's XMS2 Dominator: The World's Fastest DDR2?

Game Results


We can see that the enthusiast and generic DDR2-800 modules have identical results and that the overclocked and much higher frequency DDR2-1123 has only a marginal effect on F.E.A.R. performance. This is because most games depend more on a fast graphics solution and a decent processor than on highest performing memory.

Video Encoding Results

Divx 6.25

Xvid 1.2

The performance gains of high end enthusiast memory can be seen in applications such as video encoding, which rely heavily on the memory bandwidth. In these results we can see that the tighter timings of the Corsair DDR2-800 module results in a 3% performance gain and the higher frequency of the Corsair DDR2-1123 module gives it an 8% gain over the generic equivilant DDR2-800 module.

Audio Benchmark Results

Lame 3.97.1 MP3 Encoding

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