Opting for RAID Level Migration

Modify Volumes In Intel's Matrix Storage Manager

Entire RAID volumes can be administered using the Matrix Storage Manager.

It is possible to transfer a single hard drive into a RAID array and migrate a simple RAID array into complex ones. For example, you can transform a RAID 0 array with three hard drives or a RAID 1+0 with four hard drives into a RAID 5 configuration with parity. However, you cannot enhance a RAID 5 array with three hard drives by adding yet another drive. But you can make it possible for an additional hard drive to become available as a spare device to automatically replace a broken drive. After transforming a simple RAID array into a complex RAID array, the process cannot be reversed..

After choosing the modification option, you select the volume.

With regard to the storage capacity that is technically possible, Intel allows you to choose a RAID mode by selecting the stripe size.

Finally, you have to select the drives you want to configure.