The Next 'BX': 13 Motherboards For Pentium 4 With Intel's 845 Chipset and Socket mPGA478

Soyo P4ISR

Board Revision: ?

BIOS Version: 2AA2 (Sept 26, 2001)

On this motherboard, you can find six PCI slots, CNR, AGP 4x, UltraATA/100, AC97 sound, a Promise on-board IDE RAID controller and three DIMM sockets. The IDE connectors for the RAID controller will hinder the installation of full-sized PCI cards, while all other connectors have been placed appropriately.

Soyo is the only company that ships a motherboard with on-board RAID and a full set of cables. There are three 80-pin IDE cables and a floppy cable. Two CDs are included, one with the drivers and utilities, and another one called the 8-in-1 Bonus Pack. This contains Norton Anti Virus 2001, Ghost, Adobe Active Share, AutoSave, WinDVD, eWalla, Imagemore and Acrobat Reader.

Soyo includes their security system, MightyBolt, in the package. It consists of a module that has to be installed into a free 3.5" or 5.25" drive bay. At the front are two USB ports plus the slot for the MightyBold chip card. The chip card is required in order to access the system (much like MSI's SmartKey).