A Tale of Two GTs: Radeon X1900GT by Sapphire and Powercolor

Black & White 2

Black & White 2 is evil for graphics cards and the GTs come under load fast. The Nvidia based cards are far behind this pixel shader intensive game with lots of shader effects for water, hair and foliage. In the game benchmark it is clear where shader rendering horsepower tails off and the need for full pipes begins. With antialiasing turned off the Radeon X1900 GTs are 20% faster at 1024x768 and almost 9% faster at 1280x1024. At 1600x1200 the playing field is level and then the GeForce 7900 GT takes over where it is faster by 13% at 2048x1536 and almost 17% faster at 2560x1600. Don't let the percentages fool you as the average frame rates are 25 or below and game play is not really possible, or at best, even with the some of the effects turned off you could play that on your $800 CRT or $1,600 30" LCD.

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