Aaaaand Action! Video Editing with DVStorm SE From Canopus

Package Contents

The package contains an IEEE1394/Firewire connector cable for digital camcorders. For analog devices, you can use the two mini jack-to-cinch adapters for your audio signals. Analog video is a similar story. If you don't want to use S-video you can also feed in a composite signal (yellow cinch port) via an adapter.

The standard variant of the DVStorm SE comes with six CDs that contain drivers, Sonic DVDit 2.3 SE, XPlode Basics Effects, Sonic Foundry Acid Style and Siren Xpress 2.0 as well as Boris Graffity/Factory.

And for those of use for whom price is no object, the Plus package is available with the popular Adobe Premiere 6.0 software.

Uwe Scheffel