Aaaaand Action! Video Editing with DVStorm SE From Canopus


In comparison to many other video-editing systems, installing this Canopus solution is a snap. If you follow all the steps properly, you can have it up and running in 30 minutes. If you've opted for the Plus package, make sure to install Adobe Premiere 6.0 first so that the plug-ins on the application and driver CD will install the first time through. Owners of the less expensive standard package can go right to the application and driver CD. You should only move on to the other bundles (such as Xplode Basics or Acid) after everything has been installed from this CD.

Before starting, though, you should check the properties of your DVStorm card.

You can select S-video or composite (cinch) as the input source under the "Input 1" tab. You can set picture properties such as brightness, contrast, etc. here as well.

If the digital DV camera is software-controlled, there are also options for setting offset times and for the recording position on the DV tape.

Uwe Scheffel